One year of Bitcoin images: Top 10 cinema from Bitcoin’s subReddit

People contend “a picture is value a thousand words.” But what about 10 unequivocally renouned images? We collected a best Bitcoin images that done it to the top of Reddit/r/bitcoin (the sub-Reddit dedicated to cryptocurrency) over a past year.

1. In entrepreneur America…

reddit bitcoin images

This is what happens when your Russian crony sends we a joke.

Source: Published in December 2014.

2. Hong Kong protest

reddit images bitcoin

In 2014, Hong Kong protestors used a P2P filigree network (Firechat) to coordinate their common movement without getting shut down by a authorities.

Source: Published in Oct 2014.

3. Western Union parody


Western Union filed a copyright explain opposite this Redditor for posting a parody ad on his Facebook page.

Source: Published in December 2014.

4. Bitcoin stars in The Simpsons

reddit images bitcoin

That overwhelming impulse when Bitcoin done The Simpsons intro.

Source: Published in October 2014.

5. Bank ATM fees

reddit images bitcoin

In some countries, we have to compensate to “buy” your possess money. Not with Bitcoin!

Source: Published

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