Op-Ed: An Illiterate Government

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For an astounding five decades, Silicon Valley has forged ahead, seemingly able to surmount any challenge. This is a romanticized view. In reality, technology companies are constantly racing along a cliff edge, risking their customers security at every turn. Any sudden push would plunge Silicon Valley into the precipice, where hackers and other predators wait eagerly.

The senate is currently drafting a bill that would wreck havoc on Silicon Valley. On April 7th, this nine page draft legislation by Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein leaked, and the outrage has been palpable. These legislators have the audacity to presume a nine page document can regulate encryption, an issue of immense complexity. Used by nearly everyone, encryption is understood by close to none. Clearly Senators Burr and Feinstein have no grasp of this subject, as is evident in the draft. The bill, if passed, would require companies to dismantle strong encryption, and provide judges with data in “an intelligible format.” However, the bill does not define this “intelligible format,” nor does it lay out when judges are permitted to request this data. I would implore the senators to provide legislation in an intelligible format, before they require Silicon Valley to do

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