Op-Ed: Imagine if Gold Exchanges Were Treated Like Bitcoin Exchanges by: Arthur Hayes

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Traditionally, bullion has been a many devoted form of currency, globally. Up until a 1970’s, many paper currencies were corroborated in some figure or form by a barbarous relic. Due to a financial unsteadiness of disastrous seductiveness rates, western tellurian savers are rediscovering a identical properties common by income and a glossy metal.

In Germany, sell banks recently began charging their depositors to reason their money. This stirred an uncertain moody to a money underneath a mattress mentality. German savers began shopping safes in record numbers. In addition, several bullion exchange-traded products became even some-more popular.

Xetra-Gold is one of a many renouned Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC). The pivotal offered indicate is that clients can ask smoothness of a earthy bullion that their paper derivative represents during any time. Due to a financial artfulness of a past 7 years, investors justly do not totally trust that they possess bullion unless they can physically hold it.

Recently GodModeTrader published a discouraging news about an Xetra-Gold financier whose ask for smoothness was denied. Xetra-Gold is not some fly-by-night operation. Their account has over 1.5 billion Euros in resources and is sponsored by Deutsche Bank.

After this news gained traction on various

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