Op-Ed: Imagine if Gold Exchanges Were Treated Like Bitcoin Exchanges

Traditionally, gold has been the most trusted form of currency, globally. Up until the 1970’s, most paper currencies were backed in some shape or form by the barbaric relic. Due to the monetary folly of negative interest rates, western global savers are rediscovering the similar properties shared by money and the shiny metal.

In Germany, retail banks recently began charging their depositors to hold their money. This prompted an insecure flight to a cash under the mattress mentality. German savers began buying safes in record numbers. In addition, various gold exchange-traded products became even more popular.

Xetra-Gold is one of the most popular Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC). The key selling point is that clients can request delivery of the physical gold that their paper derivative represents at any time. Due to the financial chicanery of the past 7 years, investors rightfully do not completely trust that they own gold unless they can physically touch it.

Recently GodModeTrader published a troubling report about an Xetra-Gold investor whose request for delivery was denied. Xetra-Gold is not some fly-by-night operation. Their fund has over 1.5 billion Euros in assets and is sponsored by

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