Uses Bitcoin-level Encryption To Create A Safe Online Notepad …

More and more Bitcoin-inspired services are popping up all over the Internet. Blockchain technology and strong encryption standards allow developers to come up with new and creative ways to protect services we use in our daily lives. is a new zero-knowledge notepad-like service that can be accessed at any time from any device, by using a passphrase.

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Storing sensitive data in a secure and safe environment is not an easy task to accomplish for most people. Even though there are multiple guides on the internet of how to store data, and even encrypt if needed, doing so is still a hassle for most people. After all, our society values convenience above anything else, even if it goes at the cost of security.

On top of that, even if a user manages to create a backup of their sensitive data, there is still the question of what type of media to use. Storing a text file with passwords in the cloud is not the best of ideas, and physical storage is subject to wear and tear. Plus, there is always the potential of physical storage being stolen or tossed away on accident. Alternative solutions have to be created, and that is exactly what aims to do.

The way works is rather simple: open up the website, enter your passphrase and type the text you want to save in the notepad. It is important to remember the passphrase you entered at the beginning, as this “token” will be used to authenticate access to your notepad in the future. Rather than forcing users to create an account, a passphrase provides a more user-friendly authentication procedure for users.

Creating a passphrase may seem easy at first, but

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