Past Dark Net Data Brought to Light

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Think the markets on Dark Net are to secretive in nature to study the cold hard facts? Ever wonder how much business they’re really doing?  The researcher Gwern Branwen has shined some light on them for us.

Using programs, he wrote himself, Gwern studied these markets by using his programs to scrape the Dark net markets, and take screen shots of the pages from the markets on a daily basis from the end of 2013, to mid-2015.


Earlier this week, The Economist had extracted the data Gwen’s programs had gathered. Roughly 1.5 terabytes of information for around 360,000 sales spanning from Agora, Evolution, and Silk Road were analyzed. They realize that the data in fact may be flawed, as recent transactions may have been missed, they also excluded deals that were over seven days old at the time of the scrape.

“If the price was extremely high, they also ignored the page due to vendor holding prices for being low on product. Vendors may fake sales, or reviews. The volatile exchange rate between bitcoin and dollars means our conversions of prices

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