Paying Your Rent with Bitcoin in 4 Steps

Turns out that paying for your rent and other utilities with bitcoin is every easy with a private and simple method that has been right under our noses.

Paying rent

If you are a hardcore Bitcoin fan, then Satoshi’s brain child is much more to you then just a speculative investment, or a cool new kind of database. It is akin to a new country, the country of the sovereign international people of the Internet, or something like that. As such you want to get paid and pay for everything only with your crypto coins.

Meanwhile, there has been a solution that’s been largely overlooked for paying rent or even your utility bills with bitcoin. But while this solution is not exactly “convince your landlord to accept bitcoin,” it does involve speaking to your landlord and has been flying under the radar of Bitcoiners, until now.

The following method should work anywhere LocalBitcoins exists and where there’s some kind of legacy payment system, be it M-pesa, Mexico’s Spei, SWIFT etc.

1. Talk to your landlord 

If direct bitcoin deposit is a no-no for your landlord, then the next step is to ask them if you can pay them through a bank

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