Payments VP: One Thing Stands Between Bitcoin and Mass Adoption

Alasdair Rambaud, CardinalCommerce“Everyone thinks bitcoin is the currency of criminals.”

According to Alasdair Rambaud, senior vice president for payment solutions provider CardinalCommerce and a self-proclaimed bitcoin user, this is the only factor prohibiting bitcoin from mass adoption.

Rambaud believes that “most large merchants” in the US are currently looking into accepting bitcoin as payment, and that the reasons go far deeper than the publicity that can be gained.

Rambaud told CoinDesk:

“I don’t see any other barriers to mass adoption of this aside from the image. It’s easy to use, super transparent and you don’t have to take any risk as a merchant.”

The two-year CardinalCommerce veteran explains that this strong value proposition was what encouraged his company to partner with bitcoin processor Bitnet on 25th March. The deal enables any CardinalCommerce merchant to add a bitcoin payment option through its existing integration with its OneConnection service.

While positioning Cardinal at the forefront of alternative payment trends, however, the move followed what Rambaud described as 24 months of merchant demand for the offering.

“We started an inquiry and started asking other merchants. The feedback was definitely positive. They said it’s definitely something that was interesting,” Rambaud continued.


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