Paypal’s Super Bowl Commercial Heralds ‘New Money’ – Ignores Bitcoin

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Paypal’s Super Bowl Commercial Heralds ‘New Money’ – Ignores Bitcoin

Paypal has an ad coming out for the Super Bowl heralding the advent of “New Money.” Guided by the tunes of Demi Lovato’s hit single “Confident,” the ad directed by Crispin Porter is announcing to the world that something refreshing is coming. Meanwhile, some are asking if the company could also inadvertently bring Bitcoin to the forefront with the new campaign. 

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PayPal’s ‘New Money’

“This is more than just a commercial for us. It’s a moment to reintroduce ourselves to the world,” PayPal’s marketing chief Greg Fisher told Adweek in a statement.

Paypal is pretty excited to show its new commercial, which shows young people and city life with “old money” imagery. Bold lettering streams across the screen are saying, “New money is not a dirty word. New money isn’t paper. It’s progress.” It also highlights that this new money doesn’t close at 5 pm like banks typically do. In contrast, Paypal says new money never closes explaining that it should operate 24/7. With each drum beat of Lovato’s “Confident,” the commercial makes you feel like they are talking about Bitcoin. Some could say it’s possible they are hinting

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