Plan Emerges To Prevent Two Versions Of Bitcoin

A plan has emerged to heal the rift between the established bitcoin and the newly-introduced Bitcoin-XT by adopting some of the ideas behind Bitcoin-XT but preventing the spread of a different version of the currency, according to Bloomberg.

bitcoin-logoA group of bitcoin backers, including BitPay,, Circle and, wrote a letter this week in support of the existing version of bitcoin—provided it adopts some of the central proposed by Bitcoin-XT’s developers, Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn. Andresen and Hearn were receptive to the proposal.

Fork Threatens Bitcoin’s Growth

Bitcoin-XT has threatened to split the community of hackers, developers and technophiles who have embraced the virtual currency. The fork could lead to users having to juggle between different iterations of bitcoins, similar to the way different versions of the U.S. dollar had existed in the 18th century before the American states revolted against colonial powers.

The proposal aims to heal the rift by adopting some of Andresen and Hearn’s ideas, and at the same time preventing the growth of a different version of bitcoin. Having two versions could confuse users and stunt bitcoin’s overall growth. The

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