Play for Real Bitcoin in This ‘Bomberman’ Clone

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A developer on Bitcointalk has recreated a classical 2D multiplayer diversion Bomberman, though this time, with a twist: we can gamble and play to win Bitcoin.

Battlecoin pits we opposite other users in a multiplayer Bomberman clone. The thought behind Bomberman, that creatively expelled in 1983, is simple: you’re a male who plants bombs in a labyrinthine map, and your design is to transparent it of any enemies with those bombs by trapping them between walls, obstacles, and other environmental hazards.

On Battlecoin, players can select bedrooms to duke it out, and adult to 4 players can try to blow any other adult during a time. It’s leader takes all situation; all players have to determine to put a same volume on a list before a duel begins.

The site starts we off with a wallet containing 0.000001 bitcoins, roughly 1/33 of a cent during a time of writing, though we can always deposition some-more if you’re looking for aloft stakes.

This isn’t a initial unaccepted Bomberman online multiplayer game. In 2013, fans expelled Bombermine, a diversion that played like a outrageous and raging MMO-styled chronicle of Bomberman, and it upheld a huge, anarchic battlefield

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