Plutus: Bitcoin’s ‘Apple Pay’ App with Ethereum Smart Contracts & Rebates

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Making Bitcoin payments more accessible to consumers all over the world will help put digital currency on the radar as a formidable financial solution. Now, Plutus is bringing more convenience to the Bitcoin ecosystem by letting users pay with digital currency wherever contactless (NFC) payments are accepted similar to how popular mobile payment apps such as Apple Pay and Android Pay operate today. What’s more is that it uses Ethereum smart contracts to complete transactions.

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Plutus: Mainstream Bitcoin Payments

Even though popular digital currency Bitcoin has been getting a lot of attention from business owners over the past few years, consumers have not started using this alternative payment method en masse just yet. Innovative solutions, such as the Plutus platform, hold all of the cards to change that scenario in the future, though.

Contactless payments are becoming a significant trend, and modern mobile solutions such as Apple Pay offer consumers an option to pay with their device, rather than pulling out a plastic card. Convenience trumps everything else in our society today, and contactless payments are a very convenient way of completing transactions without much friction.

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