PopIsle Ad Network Expands Payment Options To Include Bitcoin

PopIsle Ad Network Expands Payment Options To Include Bitcoin

PopIsle, an advertising network connecting advertisers with online publishers, has announced in a press release that it has expanded its payment options by paying publishers with bitcoin. As a result, the company claims it has received an increase in interest from publishers.

Ad networks usually use checks, PayPal and other means to transfer currencies. In certain countries, these transfers require a lot of time to process, leading to payment delays. The transfers also incur large transaction fees, so publishers receive reduced payment.

Options Vary By Country

In some countries, PayPal is not available, making publishers use third party payment processors like 2checkout that require even higher transaction fees. Hence, advertisers usually hire local advertising networks that leave the advertisers with limited ad network choices. It also makes advertising in international markets more complex.

By including bitcoin payments, PopIsle offers several benefits. The cryptocurrency, unlike PayPal, does not transfer through banks. Instead, Bitcoin transfers directly between buyer and seller, eliminating the processing fees.

Bitcoin Gives Global Access

Another advantage with the cryptocurrency is that

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