Protocol Level Flaw with Card Payments Makes Bitcoin Seem a Lot Safer

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Here is a existence check for all a Bitcoin naysayers, a many widely used required electronic remuneration complement – credit/debit cards are not unequivocally as secure as we had progressing thought. A critical custom turn smirch unprotected by a integrate of German confidence experts bares it all. It is not only a confidence smirch one has to be endangered about, though also a banks’ detachment towards regulating it! 

A new news carried by obvious Russian media channel, Russia Today describes a critical confidence smirch in POS terminals. According to Karsten Nohl, one of a confidence experts from a Berlin formed Security Research Labs this confidence smirch needs a lot of work than only a patch as it is found in a account send custom itself.  

Both a confidence researchers, Karsten Nohl and his partner Fabian Braunlein are consultant code-breakers who targeted a remuneration depot custom to brand a confidence flaw. The confidence smirch can be employed by hackers to empty a bank accounts connected to any compromised card. In sequence to do that, the

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