Public bitcoin machine turns 1 year old, but it’s a lonely birthday

If you’re in the retail business, it can be helpful if your competition disappears . . . all over New England.

“They’ve got people driving in from Boston, from New York. It’s the only place for them to go,” said Ian Freeman, concerning what appears to be the only operating public Bitcoin machine in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine or even New York.

The device from Manchester-based company Lamassu is in a former thrift store being converted to a locally oriented retail shop called Route 101 Local Goods, at 661 Marlborough St. in Keene, which has long been a hotbed of Bitcoin due to its connection with the libertarian Free State Movement.

Last week was the one-year anniversary of the store hosting what Freeman calls a “Bitcoin vending machine” rather than “Bitcoin ATM,” because it accepts dollars but doesn’t dispense them.

Freeman is an unabashed Bitcoin advocate as part of various Free State Project-related advocacy efforts, including his radio call-in show Free Talk Live, that have led to many run-ins with police in recent years.

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