Putin, Finnish president call for preserving neighborly relations | Russian …

However, Putin also announced that Russian Federation is not rejecting the technology and bitcoin itself, and does not plan to prohibit bitcoin anytime soon.

Obama also indicated that Putin was calling him again, describing a conversation they had about Syria.

Barack Obama said that Russian Federation “understands that the Assad regime was losing control over most of Syria”.

The Iran nuclear deal paves the way for a “broad” coalition to fight the Islamic State group, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday. Avoiding U.S. military action against Iran is a big deal for Moscow, where many have long viewed the prospect as deeply destabilizing in a region bordering Russian Federation.

She further noted that Moscow-Brussels cooperation on important global and regional issues is likely following the conclusion of the nuclear negotiations, adding that this opportunity should be seized.

The lower house of Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, described the Iran nuclear agreement as “victory of diplomacy”.

“I think Russian Federation was absolutely crucial to the agreement”.

“If the Iranian threat is eliminated, we will have a stronger basis for security, and the driving force for missile defense construction in Europe will be removed”.

If indeed Mr. Putin was acting in concord with China’s wishes, it would only underscore the extent to which he has turned to Asia after the breakdown in relations with the West over Ukraine. “”For example, the business-oriented newspaper Kommersant quoted energy expert Maria Belova saying, “[While] the Iran factor is now already psychologically calculated in prices, new reductions are possible following the beginning of physical supplies”.

Vladimir Putin then rushed to say he is aware of the stance of Russia’s central bank and that it is well founded, professional and rational.

Meanwhile, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned President Hassan Rouhani that “some” world powers are not

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