Quantum Computing Could Cripple Encryption; Bitcoin’s Role

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Earlier this week, Canada’s electronic spy agency the Communications Security Establishment warned government agencies and businesses against quantum mechanics, which could cripple the majority of encryption methods implemented by leading corporations and agencies globally.

Governments and private companies employ a variety of cryptographic security systems and protocols to protect and store important data. Amongst these encryption methods, the most popular system is public key cryptography (PKC), which can be integrated onto a wide range of software, platforms, and applications to encrypt data.

The Communications Security Establishment and its chief Greta Bossenmaier believes that quantum computing is technically capable of targeting PKC-based encryption methods, making data vulnerable to security breaches and hacking attempts from foreign state spies and anonymous hacking groups.

The challenge of protecting systems is about to get a lot harder thanks to quantum computing,” stated Bossenmaier at the Ottawa conference of the Canadian Association of Security and Intelligence Studies.

Bossenmaier further emphasized that government agencies and businesses must reconsider an overhaul of their encryption systems to prevent quantum computing from crippling their encryption methods. The Communications Security Establishment, which has collaborated with the Canadian central authorities for a substantially long period of time, explained that every Canadian citizen could be

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