QuickBT Enables Option To Buy Bitcoin With Cash

Getting Bitcoin into the hands of as many consumers remains the top priority for companies active in the cryptocurrency space. QuickBT, a platform where users can buy Bitcoin in exchange for cash, has been serving Canadians through debit payments. Not too long ago, the company added an option to purchase BTC with cash at physical locations as well.

QuickBT Becomes More Versatile With Its Offering

Obtaining Bitcoin in Canada has become a lot easier over the past few years. Despite popular exchange CaVirtex shutting down a year or so ago, there have been other ways to purchase cryptocurrency without much friction. As is always the case when events like these occur, there will be entrepreneurs waiting to take the place of the company that has disappeared.

Albeit Canada is home to quite a few Bitcoin ATMs to date, there is always room for more competition in the market. QuickBT, a Bitcoin exchange platform, has been offering their service for a while now. Canadians have been able to purchase Bitcoin with Debit, as long as the acquisition was equal to CA$ 150 or less.

But not everyone wants to use that particular service, and there is a growing demand for

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