Reader’s Opinion: Bitfinex “Beta” Platform Fails end Users… and Disappearing Support!

Just like the buying support in the Bitcoin marketplace, Bitfinex support disappears in times of crises.

Consider this scenario, which actually happened to me a few days ago.

You are trading on margin at Bitfinex, and on the correct side of the direction of the market… the price is falling and you have a target price set to buy, and your order is on the books. Your target price has passed on all the tickers… except your account doesn’t update on your Bitfinex account information page, … at all. You have no idea if your order was filled, or what your current position is, because it hasn’t updated to any real time information, even upon refreshing the status page (numerous times), for minutes past your order, the account information is frozen.

Price continues to fall.. and the information on your account still says that you have your entire available margin to work with, even though your order should have been filled minutes ago, but now an even better target price is available, so you put in another buy order at the better price assuming your order wasn’t filled for whatever reason (this has happened in the past as well).

Two buy orders placed,

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