Real Life OpSec Matters Too

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The darknet market world has been hit by news of multiple relatively high profile arrests over the past week, notably the Quantik USA bust and the Dutch money laundering ring arrests. The ten individuals arrested in Louisiana in the Quantik bust were the prime reshippers for the largest seller of Xanax on the darknet markets. The police also seized nearly 100,000 pills of Xanax. In the Dutch case, another ten individuals were arrested for laundering nearly $22 million of darknet drug sale proceeds. While these news releases may make it seem that law enforcement scrutiny
on darknet activities has increased, this fear is entirely overblown. If these cases teach us anything, it’s that our obsession with online opsec is much less important than our real life opsec.

The Quantik USA ring was not caught because they didn’t use a VPN, or had an old version of Tor, or because they didn’t properly tumble their bitcoin before cashing out. They were caught because they were idiots in real life. One of the leaders had been arrested six times in the past five years and another had been arrested five times, frequently for drug charges. They were obviously known suspects

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