Recurring Payments Button for Bitcoin ‘Peanuts’ Unveiled

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Recurring Payments Button for Bitcoin ‘Peanuts’ Unveiled

There’s a new application for Bitcoin users called Peanuts that allows users to set up recurring payments through its protocol. The platform is a system built on top of Liquid, iCalendar and Bitcoin Uniform Resource Identifier (URI.) 

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The Peanuts developer explains via reddit how the program is similar to Paypal donations stating:

It’s kind of a replacement for recurring PayPal donations. It’s not automated, so you still have to confirm the transaction (though you don’t have to remember when, to whom, and how much to send every week/month/year, etc.).

Peanuts: The Recurring Bitcoin Button

Peanuts stands for “P and E for payments, A and N for donations, U for recurring, and T and S for tips.” says the creator who introduced the new program. He adds that it works with the Liquid protocol and its “reference implementation should work with any engine compatible with the original one created by Shopify.” When a user goes to Peanuts.Iq they are directed to a form that allows people to create a recurring transaction button, and it can be placed on any website. The application is also

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