Report: Bitcoin Wallet Providers Failing to Make Privacy a Priority

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Bitcoin wallet providers haven’t focused on augmenting remoteness to foster consumer financial autonomy and reserve over a final year, according to a Open Bitcoin Privacy Project’s (OBPP) second book survey.

As no provider perceived a measure of some-more than 50 out of 100, the OBPP suggests remoteness work has stagnated within a bitcoin wallet attention and that improvements to these services are severely needed.

While new bitcoin wallet providers have begun adopting hierarchical deterministic (HD) design for modernized security, a OBPP contends that many privacy advances from 2014, including Tor support and secrecy addresses, were not incorporated by wallet providers in 2015.

The plan wrote in a latest analysis:

“Wallets seem to be mostly in a holding pattern, watchful for their competitors to take a lead on innovating.”

Ranvier told CoinDesk that OBPP’s criteria is designed to “leave room for improvement”, though that he believes a low scores are a thoughtfulness of bitcoin wallet providers and their infrequently slow efforts to residence remoteness bugs and leaks.

Since a initial book of a report, OBPP has increasing a series of criteria it looks during when ranking wallets from 38 to 68 and doubled a series of wallets it reviewed from 10

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