Report Says Business Is Booming For Hackers

A security firm, Dell SecureWorks, released a new report where intelligence analysts say that currently, the ”business is booming” for hackers on dark web markets and websites. According to the researchers, malware, which had been a great problem for both companies and institutes lately, is “much cheaper and continues to offer a low barrier to entry for cybercriminals looking to steal information”.

The analysts at Dell SecureWorks had crawled through numerous dark net websites in the past 8 months and based their research on them. Here are some hacker services that they have found during their search:

A service that is offering to steal personal emails from Gmail or Yahoo accounts for the cost of $129. According to the report, one illegal service stated that emails could be snatched without the victim noticing any suspicious activity. There was another ”service provider” who offered to hack into corporate email accounts, that even costs more: $500 per mailbox.

Dark web websites offer tutorials to new hackers too, including ”how to send phishing emails”, can be purchased online at the price range of $20 and $40. Remote access trojans that allow cybercriminals to secretly control other people’s computers from a distance can go for a price as little as $5.

As for structure, according to the report, cybercriminal service providers are operating just as like regular (legal) businesses, with many Russian hacker tutors offering a 24/7 customer service. New vendors are offering promotions, such as ”free trial attacks”.

Identity theft products related to fraud, such as credit card numbers, bank account credentials and passports are still popular on the dark web. According to Dell SecureWorks, service providers are now selling frequent flyer accounts and hotel points accounts, a trend previously reported by The Wall Street Journal. These points can be exchanged on legitimate websites for gift cards and used for booking purposes.

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