Researchers Reveal DNS Resolvers Can Deanonymize Tor Users

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Over the past few months, there has been a lot of focus on the Tor project. Government officials are not keen on this anonymization software by any means. Researchers the KTH Royal Institute of Technology have come up with a way to anonymize Tor users. All it takes is monitoring the DNS resolvers used by individual Tor users.

DefecTor, as this attack is called, uses the DNS lookups accompanying regular Tor network traffic. Since users rely on this DNS service for browsing, email, and other forms of communication, it is a potent attack vector waiting to be exploited. KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm researchers use this security flaw to anonymize Tor users.

Tor Anonymity is Never Guaranteed

The way Tor works is as follows” traffic is routed through groups of computers, allowing users to hide their real location and identity. With over 2,500 “entry guards” to choose from, the first computer in this Tor connectivity pool is randomly selected. However, it is possible to monitor network traffic going in and out of the Tor network, and pair that information with incoming and outgoing streams.

Despite the Tor developers ensuring all traffic is encrypted, that solution is

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