Retail Forex Broker FXPrimus Now Accepting Bitcoin

More and more platforms and services around the world are embracing Bitcoin payments; as not only are Bitcoin transactions instant, but they also invoke lower transaction fees compared to traditional payments.  Furthermore, Bitcoin payments work identically all around the world, allowing service providers to increase their global customer base by quite a margin.

FXPrimus – Retail Forex Meets BitcoinFXPrimus

Bitcoin is often touted as the virtual currency that will disrupt the financial ecosystem as we all know it.  While there may be some merit to that statement, the evolutionary change to virtual currencies will not happen for quite some time.  Until that time, there will be more and more options for enthusiasts to spend Bitcoin and make an additional income on the side.

The retail forex broker business offers some interesting opportunities for Bitcoin customers.  After all, Bitcoin is showing the entire world that government-backed and bank-issued fiat currency is a failing system, with next to no transparency or accountability.  Using Bitcoin to take a well-educated guess on forex markets may serve as a double purpose.

FXPrimus, one of the global leading retail forex brokers, has recently struck a strategic partnership with BitPay, the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor.  According to FXPrimus, this decision serves as “a risk-reduction strategy”, which fits well within the frame of the company’s safe-trading guidelines and philosophy.

Furthermore, using Bitcoin on a platform such as FXPrimus should help traders diversify their portfolio without taking an uneducated guess.  Various Bitcoin wallets and service providers can be used to fund an FXPrimus account, including popular online services such as Neteller and Adyen.

To make the whole process even more streamlined and secure for FXPrimus customers, Bitcoin balances can be withdrawn to the same account that funds have been deposited from.  All in all, this seems to be a smart decision by the FXPrimus team, to avoid the laundering of stolen Bitcoins through their platform.

“With security at the forefront of our operations here at FXPRIMUS, we are now delighted to announce the appointment of BitPay – an experienced and establishedBitPay provider of the virtual currencies.  This announcement forms part of our overall efforts to increase our range of offerings to our clients worldwide, whilst not compromising on safety.” – FXPrimus CEO and Director Terry Thompson told DigitalMoneyTimes.

Another Notch in the Belt of BitPay

Pushing Bitcoin awareness and adoption to new levels requires efforts being made by major companies in the ecosystem.  BitPay, the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor, is one of very few companies actively pursuing opportunities to integrate Bitcoin payments into systems and platforms used by everyday consumers.

“We are very excited to be connecting the first FX broker to BitPay’s platform.  Bitcoin will complement the already wide trading portfolio of FXPRIMUS and as such could bring new customers to FXPRIMUS at a lower cost.,”– BitPay General Manager Marcel Roelants stated in an interview.

Even though not all of these efforts undertaken by BitPay will pay dividends in the long run, it is commendable how this company is trying their best to move things along.  Other major companies seem to be content with their position within the Bitcoin ecosystem, rather than looking to the future and coming up with creative ideas to spread the word on virtual currencies.

Source: EconoTimes

Images courtesy of BitPay, FXPrimus, Shutterstock