Review: "The Politics of Bitcoin" Offers a Flawed and Misleading Partisan View

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David Golumbia, an partner highbrow in a Department of English during Virginia Commonwealth University, an determined domestic pundit, and a author of a recently published book, The Politics of Bitcoin: Software as Right-Wing Extremism, denounces Bitcoin in a new blog post patrician Trump, Clinton, and a Electoral Politics of Bitcoin.

“[What] concerns me about Bitcoin is how it contributes to a widespread of deeply worried ideas in economics and domestic truth but those worried associations being done during all explicit,” says Golumbia, adding that a leisure and democratization offering by distributed bill technology, means to conflict division by executive authorities, are indeed impassioned worried concepts.

It is, of course, unhappy and unfortunate to comprehend that aspirations to leisure are seen as worried extremism by certain sectors of contemporary “culture.” Golumbia’s book is promoted as “new scholarship” by a publisher — if that’s new scholarship, I’ll take out-of-date authentic grant anytime.

According to Golumbia, a politics of Bitcoin and a blockchain are intersecting with a stream U.S. presidential election. “There is positively a satisfactory volume of support for Trump among Bitcoin enthusiasts,” says Golumbia. “I do consider that there are connectors between Bitcoin and Trump.”

And where are those alleged

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