Rick Perry Promises a Favorable Bitcoin Stance

Rick Perry, the US presidential candidate seems to have secured the votes of Bitcoin community by taking a positive stance on digital currency regulations. Rick Perry made a statement regarding it while talking about the fiscal policies he is going to implement after getting elected to the highest office in the United States.

While speaking to The New York Observer, Rick Perry mentioned that he would like to see bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offered a regulatory breathing room. In the interview, he came out sounding like someone who has a clear plan to revive the American economic system by introducing new fiscal policies. Provided the importance of digital currency in present day’s financial system, bitcoin and the technology behind it may play a very important part in his fiscal policy which denounces the perceived issues in existing financial system and brings in accountability to everyone involved in it.

In the interview, he pointed out the shortcomings of Wall Street and the lack of accountability among those involved in turning the financial system into a potent minefield. Instead of punishing Wall Street for the financial troubles faced by the nation in recent years, the system is burdening the average

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