Running a BTM Business in Panama – Interview with Cindy Zimmerman

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Cryptocurrencies are rapidly growing in popularity throughout Latin America. So, decided to get an insider’s view on Bitcoin adoption in the region by speaking with Cindy Zimmerman, CEO of TigoCTM  (Crypto Teller Machine), based in Panama.

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Zimmerman is a Bitcoin ATM owner and operator as well as a computer scientist. She tells us how she got involved with cryptocurrency and how her crypto teller machine service grew from a passive income into an entrepreneurial business operation. Her Bitcoin teller machine has been quite popular in the Panama region, and the device will soon be integrating the privacy-centric cryptocurrency Dash.

Many Latin Americans have experienced massive flaws in their fiat currency and are in many ways more receptive to the idea of using cryptocurrencies.

Zimmerman’s CTM Helps People in Latin America (BC): How did you first get introduced to cryptocurrencies?

1468863794Cindy Zimmerman (CZ): I was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2012 by my brother. I had heard about Bitcoin earlier but did not think it was real until my brother had mentioned it and showed me its advantages over traditional financial systems. I became obsessed with the

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