Russia to Enact Mass Internet Surveillance Laws

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Companies that operate in Russia are soon to be required, by law, to go to new extremes that will invade the privacy of users. Those among the affected will be those who offer instant messaging, social networking, multiplayer games and any similar type of user interaction. This means all data and communication, including text, audio and video, will need to be stored for one year — and the data has to be accessible to Russian authorities. Companies that don’t comply will be fined and potentially blocked from offering the relevant service in Russia.

According to this article, if we learned anything from previous law enforcement practice in Russia, the companies most affected will be email and social networking services. Other companies will need to be prepared to take action as well; the wording in the amendments is unclear in regard to what constitutes communication. Web forms and corporate communication may be included.

Some companies have already decided to cease business within Russian territories. One example would be the Private Internet Access VPN — a VPN well known for keeping clients safe by not keeping logs or user data. This amendment would make those actions illegal.

In the email to customers,

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