SABR, “Palantir for the blockchain”

SABR is a New York-based startup that has just raised $1 million to fulfil its stated mission to “to provide law enforcement with a view beneath the surface of multiple blockchains. SABR aims to ensure that bitcoin and other digital currencies are not utilized for illicit purposes.”


Recently SABR debuted as one of 42 accelerated startups in the latest round from 500 startups, a Silicon Valley accelerator group founded by alumni from both PayPal and Google. The company attracts attention for their member presentations from a “ badass, global family of startup founders, mentors, and investors.”

SABR received both funding and accelerated training from 500 Startups, and had previously received seed money from Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group (DCG).

Silbert, the founder of the DCG and Bitcoin Investment Trust, has been a constant positive influence on the bitcoin ecosystem. He started by adding Bitcoin funds to Genesis trading, formerly SecondMarket, which he founded in 2004. SecondMarket was one of the first institutional options for traders looking to invest to bitcoins, without having to deal directly with the digital currency.

Silbert’s DCG has

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