Safaricom Releases the MPESA API

After a lot of pressure from the developer community, Safaricom has announced it will be releasing the MPESA API.

The MPESA API platform comes as a result of a recent upgrade that Safaricom conducted on its MPESA platform. The old system, which the company described as G1, could only handle payments through what is known as Instant Payment Notification or IPN. To enable IPN the system had to create a number of workarounds to automate the payments. However, with the new system known as G2, they have solved this issue.

G2 does much more. As the use of MPESA has grown, so has the potential uses for the technology, such that no serious institution in Kenya can do business without integrating MPESA into their customer relationship model. Due to the growth it is now necessary to enable MPESA handle B2C, C2B and B2B transactions. This will now be possible through the MPESA API.

Some of the possibilities that the MPESA API now promises include automated payment receipt processing which will be very useful for utility bills, mobile, and e-commerce. The system comes with better security and validation that did not exist in the previous system.

Another ability is automating the

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