San Diego’s First 2-Way Bitcoin ATM Opens

San Diego’s First 2-Way Bitcoin ATM Opens

The San Diego County in South California is now home to its very first 2-way Bitcoin ATM machine.

A new 2-way Bitcoin ATM – the first of its kind in San Diego County – was announced today by CoinStructive Inc., a Bitcoin marketplace consultant in partnership with CoinOutlet Inc., a U.S.-based hardware startup-centric to Bitcoin and manufacturer of this 2-Way Bitcoin ATM.

CoinOutlet, also a Bitcoin-based startup, manufactures AML/KYC compliant Bitcoin kiosks that adhere to security standards similar to that of a fiat ATM machine. Fundamentally, the 2-way Bitcoin ATM provides a simple and convenient means for new Bitcoin adopters and users to buy and sell bitcoins with cash.

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Furthermore, this ATM marks the beginning of a collaboration between the two companies that share a common goal of spreading the Bitcoin ecosystem that envisions more businesses and people adopting Bitcoin.

The 2-Way Coinstructive Bitcoin ATM

A press release provided to CCN titled the

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