SatoshiLabs Gives The Public A Trezor 2 Update

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Recently reported on SatoshiLabs showing off its Trezor 2 prototype before the Paralelní Polis event in Prague. The company has now revealed more information concerning the Trezor 2 and its new security application suite — Trezor Core.

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SatoshiLabs Reveals More Information About Trezor 2

SatoshiLabs has been a Bitcoin industry forerunner for quite some time. It launched the first hardware wallet, Trezor 1, setting the bar for security techniques. SatoshiLabs wants to take all the great services of Trezor 1 and introduce its second device with those same features and more. The company explained Trezor 2 allows you to “build secure applications for your needs.”

“Embedded Trezor accounts give you a very convenient, yet safe way way to hold or trade your cryptocurrencies,” detailed SatoshiLabs. “All of these features have already made Trezor the most versatile

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