Scam Alert: Bitcoin Cloud Services

14-bcs14-bcsLet us preface with a full disclosure.

We at CCN have previously advertised for We do not have a complicated and expensive vetting process for advertisers. If we start to receive complaints about their services, as we have with BCS, we look into them straight away. We contacted the company after receiving complaints from readers who have not received payouts, and after a reasonable period we did not receive any response.

There are others in the news space who wish to use this as an opportunity to question our credibility, but here we are, telling the story, not hiding anything.

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Bitcoin Cloud Services advertised with us for a couple of months. After receiving complaints and receiving no response from the company this week, we’ve decided to cancel their advertising contract and expose them here on CCN. We will do this with any bad business who comes our way.

Unresponsive, Not

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