Schools Use Bitcoin Technology to Record Student Credentials

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The use cases of blockchain technology have been touted many times, and various education facilities are using this concept to record and verify student credentials. Adding this new layer of transparency will help employers check candidate credentials in the future.

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Recording Student Credentials On A Blockchain

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It may come as a surprise to learn that various educational institutions are actively experimenting with blockchain technology to record student credentials. Considering the costly and labor-intensive paperwork associated with this process under “normal circumstances,” it is a rather significant leap to blockchain technology.

Holberton School of software engineering, located in San Francisco, is one of these institutions recording student credentials on a blockchain. The school has announced their plans to share academic certificates on a blockchain from 2017 onwards. 

Holberton School co-founder Sylvain Kalache told the media:

“Because of the design of the blockchain-distributed database, it cannot go down and cannot be altered, making the data always available and secure…the blockchain does this free of charge. For employers, it avoids having them to spend valuable time checking candidates’ educational credentials by having to

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