From Building Digital Assets to Incentivizing Online Search!

Founded by Vishal Gupta and Rashmit Gupta, SearchTrade, a startup with its registered office in Singapore, has created a flutter in the Bitcoin industry with its unique business model. The Company is planning to incentivize online search in two unique ways:

  1. The time a user spends on the internet will enable him to earn a few satoshis easily, provided the search engines used are integrated with the Company’s platform.
  2. Another way by which SearchTrade plans to reward the user is by selling keywords. Users who wish to earn more can buy keywords and receive remuneration when someone else makes a search using that keyword. It’s really that simple!

The Company’s primary motto as stated on the website is:

To disrupt the present search industry and replace it with a more collaborative and ethical system that propagates wealth redistribution amongst for all search users.

SearchTrade has also said that the price of the keywords will be set by the market and the company will just provide an avenue through which the keyword trading could take place without any hassle.  At the time of writing, the Company has sold 825 keywords while the number of Bitcoin collected from pre-sale are 334.380 BTC. The approximate launch time for the official sale is 64 days and 3 hours from now.

The search mining features of are user-friendly and help in earning on every search, manage the earnings, collective search and also to ensure predefined payouts.

SearchTrade also provides a wallet where the income and incentives provided to the users, keyword owners and app developers are safely kept.

The wallet stores the earned Bitcoin and keeps it safe. It also contains the main Search App Marketplace where there are specialized search apps and also includes a keyword trading section which facilitates a keyword owner to trade without any issues.

So, if this unique, innovative offering has piqued your interest, you can sign up here and start earning Bitcoins. You can also stay connected by installing its app from the Google Play Store. – leading Bitcoin News source since 2012