Second Annual Bay BitHack Hackathon Yields New Bitcoin and Blockchain Apps

Second Annual Bay BitHack Hackathon Yields New Bitcoin and Blockchain Apps

Last weekend, the largest collegiate Bitcoin and blockchain technology hackathon was hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area. More than 50 outstanding developers and entrepreneurs competed in the second annual Bay BitHack, held at the Innovation Lab at the University of California, Berkeley on April 2-3. They were challenged to build applications of the future of the way we look at money.

The event was hosted through a partnership of the Bitcoin Association of Berkeley, the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, the Blockchain Education Network and Major League Hacking. 

Andrew Tu, director of Bay Bithack, told Bitcoin Magazine that the mission of the event was “to educate students about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, foster cryptocurrency-related innovation in the Bay Area, and grow the local Bitcoin ecosystem.” The goal is in line with the three principles of the Bitcoin Association of Berkeley, headed by fellow Berkeley student Max Fang. 

The event was similar to the one last year except that it changed location, from the Sutardja Dai Hall last year to the Berkeley-Haas Innovation Lab inside Memorial Stadium. This year the university’s business school was also represented and there were additional funding, mentorship and support to projects that are built by Berkeley-Haas

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