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Secure Voting Solution Unites Bitcoin Blockchain and Paper Ballots

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 Bitcoin ATM-developer and blockchain-tech organisation Blockchain Technologies Corp (BTC) has suggested that it is building a tamper-resistant voting appurtenance dubbed “VoteWatcher.”

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New York-based Blockchain Technologies Corp., a blockchain- and bitcoin-centric organisation and startup accelerator has suggested that it is now operative on a blockchain voting appurtenance that it deems will be “tamper-resistant”.

The machine, dubbed “VoteWatcher”, is directed during ensuring dual core functionalities of a voting process. According to a firm, they are:

  • To guarantee that a voting appurtenance rightly captures a voter’s intent.
  • To guarantee voters’ trust that their votes are being counted correctly.

While advances in voting record have seen paperless voting stations, with its critics, have existed given a turn of a millennium, Blockchain Technologies Corp., is bringing behind paper in a resolution for a tamper-proof voting system.

Paper ballots are “the usually approach to guarantee a secure and accurate election”, review a announcement from a attention firm.

“What happens when non-technical people wish to review an choosing conducted regulating paperless electronic voting machines?” argued Nick

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