SendChat Crowdfunding For iPhone App, Android App Supporting Bitcoin, DOGE, USD Begins – Instant Messaging And Transactions

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Bitcoin Press Release: SendChat prepares to launch a digital banking follower App for iOS and Android, that will concede users to send and accept Bitcoin, Sendcoin, and other digital currencies with USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP and some-more now – together to messaging.

The use of Bitcoin can be strenuous for many new users. There are many new elements to cruise when switching from existent fiat channels to that of a digital currency. Moreover, there are some bounds that can extent a altogether adoption. Such things as security, preparation and altogether bargain of this new technology. This is where a SendChat messaging app group have proposed a new focus to overcome such bounds while proof a height for new and existent users to be concerned with digital currencies.

Imagine being means to send and accept bitcoins and other digital currencies – that will be introduced over time – but worrying about a training curve, security, reserve or remoteness and in this box are as easy as promulgation a message. SendChat has been means to

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