Sergio Lerner Presents RootStock at MIT Bitcoin Expo 2016

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Bitcoin has graduated from being a cryptocurrency to an applications platform that can be used in a range of industries to augment their operations. The use of Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology for purposes other than recording and confirming transactions is labeled under an umbrella term Blockchain 2.0. Smart Contracts is one of the applications of Blockchain 2.0

Currently, there are two platforms that are leading the Smart Contracts race – Ethereum and RootStock. While Ethereum is a standalone protocol developed by Vitalik Buterin and his team that uses a separate blockchain and crypto token, RootStock is built on Bitcoin Blockchain.

Sergio Lerner, one of the creators of RootStock along with 5 others recently spoke about the platform at MIT Bitcoin Expo 2016. In his speech, he spoke in detail about Smart Contracts, its brief history and the future plans for RootStock. Here we touch upon some of those topics about RootStock discussed at MIT Bitcoin Expo 2016

Smart Contracts

RootStock, the Smart Contract platform is a product of years of hard work put in by Sergio Lerner and his associates. Even before starting RootStock, Sergio had worked upon another Smart Contracts platform that was specifically designed

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