ShapeShift Application Gets Removed From Apple App Store

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By the look of things, the ShapeShift application for iOS has been removed from the Apple App Store. Until a few days ago, anyone in the world could find and download the application with ease. Several Reddit users are reporting it is no longer showing up in search results. Quite an interesting development, as it seems, Apple is still holding a grudge against cryptocurrency.

Not too long ago, Apple finally allowed several cryptocurrency applications into their walled garden of applications. A few Bitcoin wallets were approved in quick succession. Other platforms, such as, saw their app gain approval as well. This makes converting between supported cryptocurrencies a lot easier.

Apple Picks Up The Ban Hammer Again

At the same time, there was a wave of malicious cryptocurrency wallets showing up in the App Store as well. Multiple clones of Breadwallet and others were discovered, none of which were legitimate. This put Apple in an awkward position, as they had to undertake action against these submissions. It looks like the company may have taken things one step too far once again.

By removing the ShapeShift app from the Apple Store, things are not

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