Sizzle Or Fizzle: Bitcoin Busts, Payments Get Faster And The Eyes Have It

This week was the first week of the last full month of summer. That could make this week a Sizzle because it’s the last full month of summer so everyone is determined to make every day of every week count.

Or a Fizzle – because it’s the last full month of summer and everyone is complaining about it being the last month of summer.

We’re going with the glass-half-full-summer-is-always-a-sizzle approach.

Speaking of which, there were a few other August sparklers this week.



Sending money between people, and from businesses and governments to people, got a whole lot more exciting this week – as in real time and ubiquitous. Mastercard started with week with an announcement of how its Mastercard Send product would extend the reach and the speed of Early Warning’s clearXchange P2P network for bank customers with a Mastercard branded debit product. Any Mastercard debit cardholder can

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