Slush Pool to Let Hashers Vote on Segregated Witness Activation: “Mining Pools Should Remain Neutral”

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Bitcoin’s oldest mining pool, Slush Pool, will let a miners opinion on the Segregated Witness soothing flare due by Bitcoin Core. By flitting this choice down to particular miners that bond to a pool (sometimes also referred to as “hashers”) Slush Pool hopes to mislay itself as a preference builder from a equation.

Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, Slush Pool user Marek “Slush” Palatinus stated:

“Satoshi’s thought was not to have a few entities control a network. As a mining pool we shouldn’t rule.”

Segregated Witness

Mining pools offer Bitcoin miners a resolution to mix their crush power, pity any retard rewards they might find. Last year, Slush Pool was a initial pool to also offer their hashers a possibility to indicate preference on a intensity retard distance extent boost tough fork. Whenever a hasher participating in a pool finds a block, that specific retard is tagged with a choice of a hasher.

As a due soothing flare per a requirement determined by Bitcoin Core, Segregated Witness will need support from 95 percent of all crush energy on a network to activate. Continuing a process to put hashers in control, Slush Pool — that accounts for six percent

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