Snapcard Partners with Alpha Payments Cloud

Snapcard, is a Bitcoin wallet and one of the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processors. This Monday, the company announced it has signed a partnership with Alpha Payments Cloud enabling AlphaHub users to accept Bitcoin payments globally.

Snapcard is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2013, Snapcard’s Merchant API is an easy to integrate, enterprise-level solution that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments anywhere in the world without taking on any currency volatility risk. Snapcard offers a suite of products and services designed facilitate the use of digital currencies.

With this new partnership, AlphaHub merchants will have the opportunity to accept Bitcoin payments with Snapcard’s simple pricing of 0.5% per transaction, with no monthly fees or setup fees. Through a single, simple API integration, online merchants have access to the AlphaHub platform and can add Bitcoin functionality in a matter of clicks as an alternative payment method and gain access to a targeted demographic of more than 7 million active Bitcoin users worldwide.

Michael Dunworth CEO of Snapcard noted that a new payment method like Bitcoin needs to stay involved in the educational process. Alpha is known for its innovative initiatives and with this partnership the company is looking

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