Someone Wants To Rewrite The Bitcoin Whitepaper

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People who wish to find out some-more about Bitcoin will customarily find themselves reading a Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper during some point. However, some people within a Bitcoin growth village feel this paper is outdated, and should be changed. While it is loyal a whitepaper does not discuss all in a Bitcoin world; there is no need to change anything.

Arguing Over The Bitcoin Whitepaper

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Throughout a years, it has turn clear some people consider differently about Bitcoin than a infancy of a community. While there is zero wrong with change, a new march of movement has to be justified. Taking a Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper and attempting to partially rewrite it, will provoke a satisfactory volume of people.

Granted, a strange Bitcoin whitepaper is no finish overview of what a ecosystem has become. There is no discuss of mining pools, and some sections might need to be updated to simulate developmental changes over time. At a same time, one could disagree that centralized mining pools have no place in a decentralized complement that is Bitcoin, though that is a opposite discussion.

One member – going by a name of Bitcoin-Cobra

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