Spells of Genesis Token Sale Aims for Extended Crowdfunding Goals


Spells of Genesis (SoG) is a new blockchain-based trading card/arcade game that has managed to gather more Bitcoin enthusiasts than any other game. The upcoming game, made by swiss-based EverdreamSoft, is said to be integrating Bitcoin and blockchain technology within the game.

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Disclaimer: The author holds small amounts of BitCrystals.

SoG has been in full development, and the team already released a playable beta version. The token sale started in early August, and in a few days reached its main funding objective. Unexpectedly, the team reached its objective and is now ready to implement extended goals.

The Token Sale and Extended Goals

SoG_article_cover1_BitcoinistSoG_article_cover1_BitcoinistThe token sale began early in August, with the minimum goal of completing four initial milestones is already raised. In just a 2 weeks, the token sale was able to gather 811 BTC, the equivalent of $210 000 USD as of press time.

Now, having accomplished its primary objective, and still 15 days to go for the end of the

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