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It’s easy to see from hashrate charts that a Bitcoin network continues to grow stronger from a computational standpoint. However, nodes also play an critical purpose in ancillary a blockchain, and they’ve been in solid decline.

Although a technical skills indispensable to run a Bitcoin node have decreased over a years, a apparatus mandate and requirement have left a conflicting direction. While a network is still healthy, some-more nodes would assistance serve decentralize a network, sunder trust, and make it some-more costly to mountain attacks.

There have been several proposals to fight a problem, including inexpensive dedicated node-running hardware such as a BitSeed and Bitcoin Mini. There are also several Bitcoin Improvement Proposals and several third-party, giveaway marketplace solutions that try to incentivise nodes, like a BitNodes contest.

The latest offer to fight a problem, “Proof of Bitcoin Node,” comes from a new administrators of an old, decidedly catastrophic altcoin called Spreadcoin (SPR).

Originally launched in Jul 2014, with some sincerely standard improvements for an altcoin of that day, Spreadcoin featured a well-spoken prerogative halving, instead of bitcoin’s 50% sheer dump each fourth

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