Startup ‘Could Have Caught Silk Road Founder in Days’ / Grace Caffyn (@GCaffyn) / August 13, 2015 at 11:05 BST

A new blockchain startup has claimed its software could have tracked down Silk Road mastermind Dread Pirate Roberts in a matter of days., one of 42 companies unveiled at 500 Startups’ demo day in San Francisco this Tuesday, told a crowd of investors it could have shortened official investigations into the illicit marketplace, which began in 2011, by years.

The platform, which integrates data from public and proprietary sources, claims to provide law enforcement with intel on digital currencies that’s “otherwise inaccessible”.

It’s unclear exactly what this entails, with CEO David Berger telling CoinDesk he was unable to disclose further details about’s technology, given the “sensitive nature” of the firm’s work.

What is clear however, is that the service is identifying and locating illegal activity happening on blockchains – and a number of agencies are already on board. Berger said: