Steve Manos Learns How Not to Exchange Bitcoin, the Hard Way

What happens when someone wants to buy digital currency in a ‘not so digital’ fashion? They may get ripped off. At least that’s what happened to this man in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to reports from local media outlets, Steve Manos, in need of bitcoin decided not to go through all the hassles of buying it over reputed online Bitcoin exchanges. Instead, he decided to strike a deal with someone to physically exchange cash for bitcoin. Like many other cases before this, Steve Manos was held at knife point during the exchange, relieving him of $28000 in cash.

The incident happened in the parking lot of West Palm Beach Boston Market, outside a restaurant. According to the police reports, the victim Steve Manos handed over the cash to one of the two people whom he met to exchange cash for the digital currency. However, one of the assailants instead of transferring the bitcoin to the buyer’s wallet decided to pull out a knife, threatening Manos. The treat was followed by a struggle after they tried to snatch Manos’ gun, before fleeing.

Manos, in his complaint to the police, had stated that the robbers fled in an Acura and also

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