Strange Apocalyptic Sounds Worldwide

The chilling sound has caused all kinds of theories in a new years though many researchers contend they have detected a start of a puzzling materialisation famous as ‘the sound of a Apocalypse’ or ‘HUM’.

The low-frequency sound has been benefaction in opposite tools of a universe for over 5 years.

The law about a “hum” is that it is a sound of really low-frequency, about 20 Hertz or 20 vibrations per second, that is within a boundary of conference capabilities for humans. The sound was listened roughly by a whole race of Costa Rica in a early hours of Jan 9, 2012.

Witnesses claimed that a materialisation lasted 5 to 10 minutes, and while some trust it was caused by an earthquake, scientists reliable that no such phenomena occurred during that time in Costa Rica or in a vicinity. The whole nation was dumbfounded by a sound and it fast became a many talked about phenomena among researchers and geologists. People started articulate about a pointer of a finish of a universe and believed that a sound is prophesied in a Book of Revelation.


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